Sunday, November 23, 2003

Ah yes a blog in a more appropriate time slot. Well, I didn't get as much done today as I would have like although I got to 1500 words on my 6000 word essay. I feel much more confident about the structure of this one. I decided to do the laws thematically, which means that I will take a law that shows up in many annals and multiple times in one annal and do it that way. Anyway, I went down to the newspapers and coffee morning thing down it the common room. Whenever a Scot asks you if you want coffee refuse point blank. They love instant coffee here and unless you get coffee yourself that is what they will give you. They think it is great. Oh dear lord of all that is light and true destroy that coffee! I nearly gagged on it but I had to remain cool so I drank it anyway. It was pretty sedate. They spread all the british newspapers on the tables and let us pick and choose which we wanted to read. I read the London Times Scotland Edition. It is interesting the differing points of view over here.

After that I went up to my room when Nan emailed me and said she was having problems with her computer. I went down there to patrick geddes hall, which is in Ramdsay Place, the most exclusive address in all of Edinburgh. I still like the idea that theScottish parliament is in my courtyard in Mylnes Court. Anyway, her CD player was warbling and I found out that it was doing it for all her sounds not just the CDs so I did the tried and true windows trick and rebooted it. After that it was fine.

Scott sent an email and he found a matrix DVD he could play on his laptop. The region rules make it so hard for international travelers that it is almost a joke. They don't realize the crap we have to go through to get our DVDs working over here. Anyway, we set a time so I could get some work done. The CELT search engine sucks horribly so I am writing my own in perl. I have a few problems with it right now but I will get it worked out. This is when I got my writing in as well. Although, I had to go get some Tikki Masala sauce fromTesco's for the dinner we were making. I had another curry sauce but it had a mark like someone had hit it with the handle of a knife to get it open and the seal had been broken. I asked my roommates but they had not touched it so I had to throw it out since I didn't know what happened to it. Anyway, the line was gigantic at the quick check out stands. So I made it just in time to run down there and start cooking. I am getting rather good at it. Well, at least what I can do. So we ate and watched the matrix. Now I am back up here so I think I am going to read for a while then go to bed.

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