Saturday, November 22, 2003

I know it is late. I fought with my 6000 word essay again today. I think I have a good methedology now. Most of the stuff I have written so far has been introduction. I was hesitant to go any farther because I had not worked out how to continue. Now that I have it should flow more easily. Although, I decided to take tomorrow off for real. I have not taken a day off since I got here. I have worked at least 4 hours everyday except for the three days that I was ill.

Anyway I was so frustrated even after I got the ideas down in my paper that I asked Nan if she would like to go to Sandy Bell's pub. So we spent time there listening to the traditional music and having a pint. Afterwards, I went down to her flat and had some dinner since I had not since lunch. So now I am back here. I am definately taking tomorrow off. Really I am.

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