Saturday, November 29, 2003

Once again, I am posting late. Today I did a bunch of reading that I have been putting off for a while because I was doing so much writing and research. You would not believe how long it takes to do all the cross-referencing with all those annals! I also sent in another draft of my literature review. In any case, a friend of mine emailed me saying that a bunch of postgraduate were meeting at Sandy Bell's. So I quickly hopped in the shower and put on my still wet jeans (I had just finished doing laundry and the dryers here are completely useless). I then trooped on down to Sandy Bell's. We waited for a while since the place was packed (as usual for there on a Friday night). We finally got the back table next to the women's bathroom. The funny thing about this bathroom is that if you are done going but there are a bunch of musicians playing, you cannot get out until they stop playing. One woman was stuck in there for at least fifteen minutes one time. Anyway, I was sitting in my favorite spot which is behind a wall so you cannot see anything except that back area. Two others showed but one had to leave. We then made it over to Doctor's and had a good time with some of the teachers (not all of them are professors in the UK) and a visiting lecturer from Estonia.

I then went to a friend's place since we were both hungry. We had an interesting discussion about ritual rights of passage for men and women. Although, I would like to tell a little story about the bathroom in Doctor's.

There is a metal box attached to the wall. Once an aspiring MSc postgrad was using the urinal, while doing his business he decided to look at the decor. Upon finding this metal box attached to the wall, he reflected on the meaningfulness of his discovery. Deftly reading the labels, he soon discovered that it dispensed condoms. Upon further investigation of the label on the metal box attached to the wall at Doctor's, he soon discovered that the condoms were whiskey flavored. "Only in Scotland!", he declared, while he weaved his way back to the bar to get another pint.

And that kids is the story for tonight.

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