Thursday, November 20, 2003

Today I spent about four hours either reading or copying stuff. It was really annoying too since I could not use the fancy collating copier in the Scottish Studies copy room. I had to use a crappy little one. I think I would rather just print out the stuff for the extra 3p it costs. Anyway, then I got together with some people to go over our literary reviews. One did not show up but I got an email from them explaining what happened. Anyway, after that a friend showed me her new office on the 8th floor of Beccluch Place. Very nice indeed. Then we went down to princes street to look for a Gaelic learning book. After that we studied some Gaelic at her place. Honestly not much going on right now. I have to look at these papers that I have so I will take them with me to the library tomorrow.

Anyway, I think I am going to continue to surf for a while then go to bed.

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