Sunday, November 23, 2003

Today is entitled "Chris Yocum or how I learned to stop worrying and love Edinburgh". I took the entire day off today. I did not crack a book once! Anyway, I got up about 10 am then made my way down to Aurthur's Seat. I wanted to see St. Anthony's Abbey, which is just ruins now. I thought it would be easy. I was completely wrong. You could see where their used to be steps six hundred years ago. It was quite pretty. Then I made my way to Prince's Street. I finally found the movie theater. I thought I might see "matrix: revolutions" but I started to walk down Queen's Street and soon forgot about it. I found my way to Fredrick's Street and made my way back up towards Prince's Street. I then started to go down Rose Street, which is really just an alley. I finally made my way to Charlotte Square where I past a National Trust for Scotland coffee house, which is in a famous painter's house. It is a completely Victorian era construction. I had two cups of coffee and a scone complete with Strawberry Preserves and butter. That is when I realized that I am not just a tourist. I felt like I was really becoming part of this city and its life. After that I went into Prince's Garden, then I crossed the train tracks on a bridge and climbed up to the Castle. I then went down to the Grassmarket. I then went up to Grayfriers church but it said that it was closed for the day.

I then turned my attention to getting my grandmother something for Christmas. I was planning to go to the University store, which is right next door to the place I was going. However, it turned out that it is only open during the week. Anyway, I found her something nice. Hopefully, I can get it home in time. I then came home to play video games. I then talked to my friend Nan and we went to Doctor's for some of the best bangers and mash we have yet found. Then we went to her place to possibly watch the two towers but the DVDs were just too scratched. We then fiddled around for a while on her computer before getting down to planning two trips we are going to take during the winter break. The first is to the Isle of Mull then to the Isle of Iona. We are going to stay in a hostel there. Then we are thinking of spending the new year away from the city and its riotious celebration.

Anyway it was a throughly enjoyable day. I hope to have a few more like this!

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