Monday, November 17, 2003

Today was productive. I went to the library to make sure I had my bibliography correct before I turn it in tomorrow. I think I have one problem with it but there is not much I can do about that now. I might be able to fix it in the hour before my writing class but I doubt it. We will see. After that I went to the Celtic Library to do some Old Irish, I finally finished exercise 38. It took me a total of four hours to finish that one. I could not believe it. Then I went home to incorporate the changes to my bibliography. I almost forgot the highland society Monday lunch at Doctor's which is a pub right across the street from the old hospital. Anyway, Nan, Lucy, Christine, Axel, Mark, Emily and a friend of Lucy's from the geography department Vicky if I remember correctly. I had some tikki masala (not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination).

After that Nan and I went to do some photocopying of a book then I parked myself back in the Celtic Library for another two hours to do some Old Irish out of the Fingal Ronan book, which is what we are doing for my Irish Texts class. I didn't do any last week because I was so far ahead that I didn't need to look at it. At least now it is getting easier since I am getting to the end of the workbook and things are becoming more clear.

This evening I went back to the library. I am looking for books or articles on the Irish annals especially the ones that make up the 'chronicle of ireland'. My supervisors said that there is a bunch of literature on the subject but I have not been able to find it. I tralled the bibliography for Early Christian Ireland but I did not find anything useful there. I am going through another book. Anyway, I spent two hours in the library trying to track down one article and one book on the subject. They did not have the article and I could not find the book. The computer says that there is a copy of the in the Scottish History library, which is just across the street. I will drop in there tomorrow morning to see if I can find it there. If not, I am going to contact my supervisors to see if they have any idea.

Tonight I have been working on my 6000 word paper. I am working to night on pulling things together that I have written in the past. I chucked 300 words of it because they just did not fit. I put them in another file to keep to see if they might come in handy later. It is just that I am hesitant to say anything until I have more information on the chronicle of ireland. I am not sure if I should trust my sources or not. I think I will work under the assumption that I can until I learn otherwise. It would be foolish to not trust them because then no one could write anything on the subject.

Anyway it is getting late and I have more stuff to write. Hopefully everything goes right tomorrow and I can get that bibliography in and done right.

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