Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Today's lecture was on medieval Irish manuscripts. We (well at least I) had much fun listening to all the problems and joys of dealing with manuscripts. Some how we got talking about the sweetvalley high series of books. This was in reference to how little we understand the texts in their original contexts. It was a rather interesting to think about how in a thousand years scholars will have no clue what half of the stuff that comes down to them means. My Latin professor said acient history is much like having half of a Steven King novel, some cheesy romance novels, and parts of school readers.

After that class, I went in search of that book again. This time I went to the Scottish History library. It was exactly what I needed but I could not find it in the main library. Well, I decided to get a coke and a sandwich and on the way there I ran into one of my supervisors. We talked about the book a bit then we talked about the paper I had submitted for review. He had looked at it, which as a relief to hear, but he had not transfered his notes to an email. We parted ways at that point. I got my sandwitch from a place next to Doctor's and headed back to the common room we share with the art history people. Well, I saw Nan walking out so I stopped her and we had lunch then proceeded over to the main library to look for my book again. We could not find it but she had an appointment so I stopped a library staff person and they went to a completely different place in the library! My book was there! I was temped to do my victory dance but I did not want to distrub everyone. Remember be kind to your librarian and secretary.

After finding my book, I went home to read for a while then I decided that I had to do laundry so I went to Tescos to get detergent. I then proceeded to do laudry and read. I usually do not leave the laudry room when I am doing it. Also, I tend to wait until a weekday night when noone else is there so I can use all three washers and dryers. I came back after I was done and read some more but I fixed some food and talked to my roommates. After that, I discovered that my supervisor had sent his comments on my paper. I read some more then heard the siern's call to look at what he had written. I have been dealing with that for most of the evening.

It was probably not as productive as it could have been. I did get that book and have started to read it. It was exactly what I needed. It even shows me a way to arrange my paper. I was struggling with how to put everything together. I will read this and the introductions to the edited annals, which I have neglected. These should inform my paper nicely. Anyway, I need to get back to dealing with my supervisor's comments

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