Thursday, November 27, 2003

Well, I have a story for today. I met Iain MacAoinguis (pronounced McGuinness, really it is). He showed up at the West End Hotel for music tonight. He is one of the last people who can debate classical philosophy entirely in Gaelic. Of course, he happens to be a lecher of the first order. He had his hands all over Fiona, Emly, and Liz, which they took in stride quite well since he is a rather famous fellow at least in Gaelic circles. When Axel gave him a cigarette he said, "you are a sinner and a fool but you are a good man to me." He also knew all the great academics in Celtic Studies, i.e. Kuno Myer. Near the end he said, "I asked these lovely ladies to marry me but since they refused.." He was quite a character. We heard much singing from him and music from Fiona and Emly, who are fiddle players. We even heard a song from Shamus a fellow from Cape Brehon in Canada.

Fiona is the president of the Highland Society and has a forceful personality. When she says something you just do it. She is a good person though. Her flat is GREAT! Hardwood flooring and large rooms. I swear that they have better and bigger flats here than they do back at home. She lives down in Morningside, which is east of the meadows and the university. I took the 23 bus from the QuarterMile, which used to be the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the main hospital in town but it moved a while ago into a place called Little France, which is not so surprising since I seem to speak more French here than English or Gaelic. It is a nice area but just don't go off the main roads at night.

Otherwise, I read some more and did some more Old Irish. The book my mom sent me is great. It has helped me out already. I also took a section out of my paper but I still have 2300 words written. I have to get up early to help out with the American Thanksgiving we are having here at Mylnes Court. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in America!

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