Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, I just got sat down from dinner. I actually fixed dinner for someone tonight. This is the first time I ever did that. It was cheaper than eating out, which is what she does on a regular basis. I fixed chicken tikki masala. Basically, I got the sauce from tesco's put it in a frying pan with cooking oil and sliced chicken breast then used my roommate's rice cooker to fix the rice. I cooked the sauce and chicken on medium until the rice was finished then served. I know incredibly easy but take this from a guy who has never cooked anything other than pasta and ramen.

We were out looking for a Scottish Gaelic teaching book. We had been told of a good one that was used in the Gaelic 1A course here at the University of Edinburgh. However, it has since gone out of print. So we spent time looking the bookstores in the Old Town. We wanted one with the pronunciation printed right next to the words so that we could easily figure it out. The only ones we could find had the pronunciation guide in the front of the book. I think I am going to have to translate that for each chapter as we do it so that we can work on it. This means I will be doing more work on top of all of my essays and things. If it goes alright, I should be able to get a firm grasp on the language especially with some people to speak it with once a week.

In any case, I have some more work to do.

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