Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well, today has not been all that productive. I woke up at 10 am and completely forgot about the free breakfast down in the common room. I then went to the Celtic Library to do some Old Irish. I usually can do Old Irish to English translations pretty quickly at about 20 in an hour or so. Today, I was on number 13 after two hours. I decided to bag it and go to the library. I needed some articles on the annals so I thought I had put them on the shared drive. Nope not there. So I had to serach for them again and write them down. After that I went to look for the journals they were in. I ended up picking up the wrong one and going to sit in the study area not realizing it until I opened it to the table of contents. That was frustrating so I put it back and went to get grooming supplies. I found those alright but forgot to get chicken which I need for some of the stuff I cook.

Other than that I fiddled with my litrary review adding some footnotes. I have to do the bibliography for it for Tuesday. That should be easy enough. I also started to write my 6000 word essay. I have gotten stuck though on what a legal act was in the medival Irish context. I need a definition that will exclude the huge number of hostage takings without completely excluding my evidence. That would suck horribly. In essence I would have no paper.

I now have a headache and it is almost 9 pm and I still have not gotten much done today. I will have to make a fresh start tomorrow.

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