Sunday, November 30, 2003

Well, today was a day to get erring done. I got a bunch of food since I am going to cook an "American Breakfast" for my roommates. Then I came back and went down to the Mail Boxes Etc. store on Rose Street (an alley way between Prince's Street and Queen's Street) to send my gifts off home. I sent it by normal mail so it may not get there in time for Christmas. I hope everyone will be understanding. Then I came home and fiddled around with a Simple Text Indexer, which I posted to a site to get some feedback on. Then I played games until 6:30 when I went down to do some Gaelic with a friend.

About a quarter to 8 we met up with the librarian for the school of Scottish studies because she had invited my friend and I over to her house to watch a thanksgiving themed movie called What's Cooking, which is by the same director for Bend it like Beckam. They were very nice and we talked into the wee hours. I am going to go back to her place for Christmas dinner. Anyway, we all had a lovely time. I have no clue where they live. All I know is that I need to take either of two buses from Prince's Street.

Tomorrow is going to be an Old Irish day. After fixing breakfast, I am going to go to the library to do some Old Irish since I need to push ahead since we have caught up to where I am at. Wish me luck with the breakfast!

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