Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well, today was a rather not nice day. I got my ass handed to me in Old Irish since I have been focusing in on my essays. I could not remember some of the scribal abbreviations, which was embarrassing. Then I did horribly on the first two sentences that I had to translate. I think I did better on the next two I did. I have a bunch to do for next week since we got to the end of what I had done. One of the people in the class became a bit snippy when I complained that I wanted edited Irish texts to be the same standard as the Classical ones. Although, she embarrassed herself horribly later so I think our accounts are even.

After that was my writing class, we worked on the outlines for our papers. I honestly don't think I am going to use it. For some it was a useful exercise, for me it was just boring. Then after that I just felt really really tired. I came home and ended up taking a two hour nap. I am still tired. I think I might be coming down with something. Anyway, I am now working on my literature review while I wait for my supervisor to return my 6000 word essay to me so that I know if I am going in the right direction with it.

A little something for my brother. The Elephant House Cafe which is on George IV Bridge is where the first Harry Potter book was written. I have been in there a few times and I always walk by it on my way to school. You can see the castle from the back room which is the smoking section. She would sit back their with her child while she wrote the book looking at the castle.

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