Saturday, December 13, 2003

Honestly, I am not making a habit out of this but I promised my Japanese roommate that I would go out with him tonight. Anyway, I got up this morning then ran down to the movie theater because we were supposed to see "the last samurai" which came out in the US a few days ago. I should have known that it was not out here yet. While I was running down there, I was waiting for a light so that I could cross the street. It turned green so that I could walk across (this was the walk light not the street light) and I hear this screeching tire sound. I turned to look and this Volvo was trying to keep from hitting me. He had to change lanes to do it. That was quite scary.

I came back and my friend said we would meet at 10:00 pm to go to a party with one of his friends. So I went up to print out my paper and hand it in so I fixed some final things and went up to campus then handed in my paper. While going for some coffee, I ran into the person who got tapped to run the post-grad party so I agreed to do help set up and clean up. We went back and did it. It was fun. So I cleaned up then came back and played some games for a while then went down to a party in the common room of my dorm. I then went back up stairs and went to this kind of interesting party.

Let me explain me and parties. I like small five person parties where you know everyone and you can talk to everyone. This was not one of those. The music was loud there were many many people I did not know including three girls who flew in from Holland just to be there. They were easy on the eyes so that was nice. The music was so loud that I was getting concerned that someone would call the police. I am not exactly keen on getting my ass hauled into the local jail. Anyway, there were the Holland girls, a guy from East Germany, a Londoner, a Dubliner, a Swede, and that was just the people I met. There were at least 50+ people at that party. I finally got tired of it and came home. On the way home, I stuck to main lit streets and saw a fight spill out in to the street. The people nearly got hit by passing cars. I was going to go down Adam Street but after seeing the fight, I was not keen on leaving the lit streets. In fact, I don't think I am going to go out at night again. It was a rather scary incident. Anyway, I am now home and I am going to sleep in a few minutes.

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