Monday, December 29, 2003

I am sorry that I have not written again for so long. The last couple of days have been busy again. First off with my birthday the day before yesterday. It was a low key affair. A friend of mine came up to go out to dinner and watch a movie. With the first glance at my room, she was insistent that we re-arrange it. I usually cannot be bothered about my living situation but it desperately needed to be vacuumed and having the bed next to the door while convenient for long nights out was rather annoying for the most part and I don't exactly have many nights out to begin with. Anyway, not only did we re-arrange everything but we sorted all my stuff. Rather than have semi-sorted piles of stuff scattered around my room by theme, we now have nicely ordered stacks in well defined places in the room. We also split up the two desks they give you (one is taller than the other so they usually place the smaller one inside the other) so that I can type comfortably. The larger one is good for writing but I don't want to get carpal-tunnel syndrome anytime soon.

After that, we went down to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was nice to have curry made by someone who really knew how to make it. It was way better than mine (well that would be the case anyway since I use tesco's curry mix-in sauce). We finished up and came back to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was nice since I had not seen it in many years. During the film the computer froze because the video card got too hot so we had to put the ice cube tray on some plastic with a cloth over the top to keep the coolness in. It was fun to listen to the ice crack in the tray as the heat radiated out of the laptop. It wasn't long before the computer was back to normal.

Today was a pretty slow day. I got some more corrections on my paper from my friend so I got to work incorporating them. I wanted to do laundry so I gathered everything up and took it down to the laundry room. Come to find out, both dryers were broken. Fortunately, my friend lives in another building and was more than happy to have me over while I did laundry in her laundry room. It was cool since I brought my laptop and did more corrections while I waited for it to finish.

In any case, I have a bunch of things to do tomorrow and I want to get started early. I really should not have stayed up this late but I was working on my paper. Night.

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