Monday, December 08, 2003

I know that I am a bit early tonight but I thought I would get this out of the way. I went down to the library to print out my literature review. It was full of people so I had to wait so I went over to the Celtic Library to do some Old Irish. I should have just gone downstairs to the computer labs in my building. I then went to Doctor's to meet some friends. More showed up than I expected. A friend who did the Gaelic course yesterday decided to drill me on my Gaelic that I learned. Too bad he is going away for Christmas. I could use some more time with him.

After that a friend and I did some mutual errands together. We went to the Elephant House Cafe again. She had some good pointers on my writing in general. Then I came home to do some work on my essay. During this time, the fire alarm went off. I had to get my Japanese roommate out of the kitchen and bring my laptop down the courtyard. That was a pain in the ass. It only took them fifteen minutes to clear the building for reentry this time. Last time it was an hour. It was very cold outside. So when they let us back in I put on my longjohns then headed down to the library to check out some information that I did not feel good about in my essay. It was bitterly cold outside but with my layers on I was burning up when I got to the library. I probably could have gone without my sweatshirt. I sorted that out and came back. Then I inserted some information into my essay.

On that topic, I do not feel so rushed as much as other people. I guess maybe because I started my essay long before they did. I don't know. I have this odd sense of calm about it. This is after freaking out about it earlier this week. I guess I got my anxiety out earlier than other people. I really need to start looking at my 6000 word essay again. I took a look at my supervisor's ending comments on it but I have not looked at the specific stuff. I think I am going to go over it tomorrow. I could still freak out again before I turn the literature review in but probably not.

My supervisor wants to meet with me on Wednesday in the afternoon. I guess that will be the stimulus to get cracking on my 6000 word essay so I have something new to show him. I doubt he will want to look at my literature review again before I turn it in. I will have to ask him what format he would like to see it in. Will it need a title page with my name on it or not? Things like that. Anyway, I am going to surf some more or play some games. I may look at this specific comments before I go to bed.

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