Monday, December 08, 2003

I went to another day of basically Gaelic immersion class. I think I might actually have a hold on this language. Anyway we had a party in the bar at the end, which was tonight. We got treated to pornographic Classical Gaelic poetry and pornographic Gaelic Mitten Puppet Theater! It was randy Irishman vs. Demure Scottish Lass. It was CLASSIC. Someone yelled out that we had the makings of a Gaelic Television hit on our hands. I think they might relegate it to middle of the night. It was a very good night anyway. I was able to finally drink more than one Guinness. We kept being told by the president of the society that we had to drink 300 pounds worth to cut the cost of the bar rental so we had better get to it. I think she had more than enough vodka and sodas for her own good.

I had a very good conversation with another medievalist Irish scholar who is honestly head and shoulders above me in talent. In any case it was a very good day. Tomorrow I have to sit down with my essay again and see where I am in the bibliography and get that straightened out. It should all be ready but I just want to make sure.

I have a long day tomorrow with some Old Irish too so I will get to bed.

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