Sunday, December 21, 2003

Since everyone is home for the holidays, it is a bit boring around here. That's alright. It has given me ample time to write on my paper. I am now at 5500 words on my 6000 word essay. I am in pretty good shape really. I have to go in to the library tomorrow to so some reading on the dating problems in the annals but that should not be too hard. I finally found one of the books that I need up at St. Andrew's University. I am going to try to get it inter-library loan. I cannot believe we did not have it nor did the British Library nor did the National Library of Scotland.

I also went down to do Gaelic with a friend today. We finally got past the pronunciation part and into the actual grammar part. I now have vocabulary words to learn. In any case, I have a full day of reading ahead of me.

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