Thursday, December 04, 2003

Today was not too bad. I usually sleep in so I got up a bit late then went down to a place that was supposed to be cheaper than Starbucks. I got a mocha and I just about choked on it. I am going to avoid that place from now on. One of my instructors told me about it. I think she might have tried to poison me by sending me there (just for the credulous, I am joking about the poisoning bit). I then made some copies of my literature review. (yes not literary!) so that I can review it with some classmates. I then came back and put another 500 words into my 6000 word essay. I feel sorry for my supervisor because it was just a brain dump with no redeeming value. I guess it is a good start. I am hoping that over the break with no classes I can really bear down on it.

A friend of mine has really been working hard on her literature review so we went down to the Elephant house cafe for some tea. This was the first time I spent any time in there. It is a nice place with a good feeling to it. They had some local band playing in there. They were alright but at least they knew it and did not try to pass themselves off as anything more than what they were. We left and she showed me a great view of the castle from down the royal mile. We then went up to the esplanade when I mentioned that I would have to go to the bathroom, she suggested that I just go right off the castle walls like she had seen in other parts of the city. I left well enough alone and bided my time.

Now I am going to work on my literature review from some ideas we talked about in the cafe.

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