Friday, December 26, 2003

Well, again I am sorry about not posting earlier. I have been very busy with Christmas stuff here. Christmas Eve night, I went to St. Giles cathedral here in Old Town. It was the first time I had ever been in there. It was not as impressive as Winchester cathedral but it had its own Scottish charm about it. The only problem with the service was that the priest who spoke had the same drone that Monty Python parodies. It was hard not to laugh as he droned on and on and on. They had a huge organ which they played for the service. It was so powerful that they had to lengthen the time between each verse so as to not damage the building. It was like a solid wall of sound going through your chest.

I slept until my mother called at 8 am. I had set my alarm clock but I did not pull the little thing in the back to activate the alarm so he woke me up. I had to scramble out of bed to catch her call. Anyway, we had a nice exchange of Christmas greetings. I went back to sleep again. Then went down to my friend's for Christmas dinner here in Mylnes' Court. We had a Chinese/Scottish Christmas dinner, which was not exactly a traditional Christmas dinner but it was great nonetheless.

After dinner we caught a cab over to another friend's place, which was where I had Thanksgiving dinner. They had the entire spread. Even "crackers" which I had though had crackers in them but they are supposed to be pulled and they snap from a small amount of gunpowder in them. They have little prizes and crowns. It was very British. We had beer and whiskey and snacks. I took my Japanese roommate along with me since he had nowhere else to go and no one should be alone on Christmas. We played games and talked and everything. It was a great Christmas night.

Anyway, I slept in again today and now I have a Boxing day party to go to which is put on by a Professor (yes a real professor this time) of Scottish Studies. So I have to get cleaned up and ready. I hope you all have a fun Boxing Day!

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