Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Birds which Sing at Night

One of the more disturbing things about living here is that all the bird sounds are completely different. The most striking of which is the a bird called locally the chimneysweep. This bird is nocturnal and loves to sing loudly at night. For the most part they do not come into the closes where I live but they live in the garden, which is inbetween Patrick Geddes Hall, the New College, and the parliament building (also known as the secret garden since only the people who live in PG can go into it and they rarely do). When I am at my friend's place, they scream into the window. I wonder how the Scots deal with these singing menaces.

Anyway, most of my day was spent relaxing with a few books. I had turned in my paper yesterday so I gave myself today to just lie around. Tomorrow however, I have to work on my Medieval Latin and Old Irish for hell day (Tuesday). Later in the day I went down to the Elephant House cafe for a spot of tea. It looks so different at night than in the day time. It is filled with people getting ready for a night on the town since it overlooks the Grassmarket, which is where most of the clubs are in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, these clubs are so trendy it hurts to even look inside. I think I like Sandy Bell's pub, which does not to pretend it is anything other than it is (a dingy but cozy pub).

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