Thursday, January 08, 2004

I spent my morning in a class of two people. That was alright since we were able to cover everything fairly well but today was mostly spent in the library copy room as I copied all the edited and translated legal texts so that I can use them in my next major paper. I got hot, tired, and a bit nauseous from the toner. After that I went down to have some tea with a friend then it was off to the highland society to plan the highland annual which has been going on at the university for the last 100 years. Supposedly this is going to be the best one yet since the president of the society is very well versed in who's who in the scene. In fact she is playing in the first day of Celtic Connections, a huge music festival in Glasgow this month. I will not be going since I could not make up my mind about who I wanted to see and I have this major paper due on the 12th. We will see how it turns out.

I am now going to do some reading then I am off to bed. I have a mountain of reading to get through.

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