Monday, January 19, 2004

Not terribly much happened today. I did some Old Irish and helped a friend out with the formatting for one of her papers. She had screwed it up so badly that I had to copy the text into notepad to strip any formatting out of it then recopy it into a fresh document. This would have been trivial if the document was not her MA Thesis from her last university which she had to turn into them for final approval in a few days. I am roughly half way through. I will finish it up tomorrow in the evening.

My friend also was able after some considerable trouble to get her debit card reinstated after she had it returned to her by the police. It was nice to get back the money she loaned from me. It was a little shocking to do my finances and see a gaping hole in my budge. In any case, it is taken care of now.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have not touched my Latin since I got it last week and I have a few paragraphs to translate (not all that much really) and I want to get farther ahead in Old Irish. So, I will be spending the day in the Celtic Library getting myself ready for hell day. I am thinking that I am going to do the castle on Wensday. I live right next to the darn thing. You would have thought that I would have seen it by now.

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