Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Sorry about the late post. The net was down up in my room but working elsewhere but I did not find that out until later. Today I pretty much stuck to the Celtic Library to do Medieval Latin and Old Irish. I also have to get ready for my presentation which is on the 6th of Feb. I am the very first to go and I am not all that thrilled about it. I still have not made slides or even put down an out-line for it. I hate giving presentations. Also, one of the instructors of my class was very adamant about having a "sexy" title, which I thought was completely stupid. I think that if you give some "sexy" title and deceive everyone from coming that maybe you should not have given it in the first place. This is academics not marketing. In any case, she wanted a "sexy" title"; she got one. My presentation is "The Chronicle of Ireland: Why It Cannot Get a Hot Date" and it is about the dating problems between the annals that make up the "Chronicle of Ireland."

Anyway, away from academics for a moment to talk about one of Scotland's national pastimes. No it is not football (soccer), or shinty, or drinking (although it comes in a close third). It is J-Walking. Noone ever....ever waits for the light. They also cross wherever they damn well please. It has gotten so bad that the government has just placed cross-walks in the middle of the road where it is the worst. Even then they still cross the streets. I have seen three police officers just watch someone walk right across the road without blinking. Enough of my ranting about J-Walking.

I did see something interesting happening on the royal mile today. I was walking back to have dinner with a friend when a police car shows up. There were three cars facing south away from the Castle when a woman yelled: "There he is." The police officer jogged over and caught a man by the arm and insistently led him over to the police car. I am not sure what was going on but the way the police handled the situation was admirable. There was no guns, no yelling, no running. It was all very civilized.

Anyway, it is late and I have to get up early tomorrow.

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