Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sorry that I have not posted again. The network went down again last night when I was supposed to write. Anyway, on Sunday the 4th of January, I went out to Ratho village with a friend. We were going to visit one of the secretaries for Scottish Studies. I called her the day before to get all the directions correct. We had to take a bus from Waverly station. We had a bit of trouble figuring out where we had to catch it. We nearly got plastered on Princes Street since we started to act like locals and run across the street heedless of traffic. We finally found it and took about 40 minutes to get out there.

The bus ride was alright. We were discussing where we needed to get off when a guy in the seat in front of us helped us out. Our friend was there when we arrived. She lived just up the street. I have to say that the village reminded me very much of Stanwood with the farms all around. The only exception is that the village has probably been there for a thousand years.

When we arrived, we had an excellent lunch of soup and bread and tea. They will nearly always offer something like that when you come over. Not only that but they seem willing to invite over nearly anyone who shows to be a decent human being. It probably helps that I go to school and everyone I have had tea with has been connected with school.

After lunch we went on a walk along their canal which connects them with Edinburgh. It was a very pretty. We then climbed up the left bank to the Ratho Village Adventure Centre, which is an indoor rock climbing facility. You can watch everyone from a cafe or an observation lounge. They also have an REI like store where you can get equipment.

We then went up behind the center along the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow. There was quiet a nice area with cows and forests. We then came back around in a circle. While crossing the road, I nearly got hit by a car. It was a dear in headlights situation with me as the dear. I finally got my ass in gear and got out of the way.

We returned to their house and had some more tea and conversation. Just before I left for the night, I was going to take a closer look at a picture on the wall. The cat had decided to lie right there but I could not see him since the couch's arms overhung him. I ended up stepping on him. I felt really bad but he escaped serious harm and my hosts were gracious about it. I did not mean to step on him. I still feel badly about it.

Anyway, today I went to the library to renew books I have. I got a new book and I went home and got some food while I was reading. I did some Old Irish for tomorrow's class. I read some more and now I am about to hit the sack.

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