Saturday, January 24, 2004

Today was a good work day. I took all the edited and translated laws that I have down to the Celtic Library and worked on them. I think I found a few interesting passages. I then went to Sandy Bell's. Then I came home and had some dinner.

I have discovered something very very curious about Scots. They love Country Western music, which I despise for various reasons I will not go into here. When I start to describe how it is viewed by many Americans, I almost always get a very visceral reaction. It is like I am insulting them personally. They have somehow taken on American Country Music as their own, which I think of as a completely different music genre. My friend tells me that they feel like it is just an extention of their own music because they feel a bit of survivor's syndrome because of the highland clearances of the 18th cent., which sent many families (including my grandmother's) to Canada or the US. I have nearly been in a fist fight without even knowing it. I think I will not talk when the subject comes again since they feel so strongly and I doubt telling them about how country music is viewed in my area is going to help them understand anything at all. Also, I don't think telling them the well known Northwest joke about how could it be "country western" when we are more "western" than they are and we don't even listen to it.

Anyway, I am off to bed.

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