Friday, January 23, 2004

Today was not exactly my most productive day. I rolled out of bed at noon and made my way down to the Celtic library. I worked for about an hour before running into two other postgrad students. They headed off to the pub for a bit. They invited me but I had too much work to do. One of them came back after a half an hour then one of the undergrads came in. He is from Ireland and probably the funniest person I have ever met. He wanted me to go with him to Celtic Connections in Glasgow. I had to turn him down since I had work to do. I did not want to turn him down because I don't want them to stop asking. I think I need to get out of that library more often. My supervisor has warned me that I work too much already.

I came back to help a friend format her MA Thesis, which she needed to have done so she can actually get her degree. It seems that she left within days of it ending so they gave her an extention or something like that. Anyway, I finally got it all figured out and she got it off to her MA supervisors. Hopefully, this will be the last I hear about it.

I have a highland society meeting and more work to do tomorrow. I pulled an old trick out from my undergraduate days. I have taken a notebook and started to make notes about the law texts in that as I read it. Hopefully, this will more focus my thoughts on the subject while I am dealing with the texts. Anyway, I am off to bed.

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