Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well, it seems as if things are fixed. It is getting so bad that people are starting to seriously complain. I hope the network gets stabilized soon.

Today we went to the National Library of Scotland to look at Gaelic manuscripts. They had everything from 15th century manuscripts written in Middle Irish, for which we are still lacking a grammar, to 20th century Gaelic poet Sorely McLean. They put tea and coffee for us on a cart. When they announced that they were very happy for us to take some and view the manuscripts, everyone took one look at the cart like it was a ravenous manuscript eating beast and decided that we were not going to be responsible for destroying priceless manuscripts. I did have some in a corner when most everyone else had left and we were talking to the retiring director of Gaelic manuscripts (at least that is what I think he was). I was not going to go near those manuscripts with that cup of tea.

After that, I went in search of books. I had to chase up books about the actual use of Medieval Law. The person that I am reading believes that law was written down for the most part in imitation of the Romans. He does seem to exempt the Celts from this generalization but it is a parenthetical statement, which very well could be true. I am not sure yet but I am getting some interesting commentary starting with the words "I adjudge" or "I have determined" but I am very reluctant to use the commentaries since the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. This especially true for the later Middle Irish and Classical Gaelic material which you find in the manuscripts.

I was also going to get some books on Jurisprudence (the theory of the law). I went to the law library and looked over the shelves but everything that introduced Jurisprudence that was in the library was written in the Seventies. I did not think that was contemporary enough. I will have to talk to my supervisor at the end of this week.

On that note, I have to go see both my supervisors on Friday. I am not exactly excited about this. My primary supervisor is going to give me back my paper. I am very nervous about this since I am not sure how tough they grade. My writing has always been my downfall so I really should not worry about it and take the grade that I get. My biggest fear is that they are just going to kick me out because I am no good. Everyone I have talked to says that this is not going to happen but I still have this anxiety about it. I am also going to talk to them about going on and doing a PhD. I am very nervous about this meeting. It could mean that I go into a PhD program or not.

Anyway, I should get myself off to bed.

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