Saturday, January 03, 2004

Well, today turned out to be an interesting one. My friend was coming up to work on our papers which are due on the 12th of January. After making corrections we decided to go over to the Elephant House Cafe for some tea and snacks. Once we left we went up to the Esplanade to look at the lights of the city. Once we came back, she could not find her wallet. We searched our entire route and checked with the Elephant House. They did not have it. So she had to call her credit card company to cancel her card and she lost about a hundred pounds. At least she had taken her driver's license out and her passport was in her room. In any case, my Old Irish got pushed aside as I was looking for her wallet.

Not much else is going on really. The fallout of the cancellation of Hogmanay is playing itself out in the press. Although, I am not entirely privy to it all other than what I hear in the Scotsman.

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