Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I am sorry that I have not written in the last few days. It always seems that something comes up just before I sit down to write. I have been working feverishly on my 2500 word paper. It is up to 2300 words now and I am putting in the footnotes as you read. Other than that not much. The faculty are on strike for today and tomorrow which means that I have no classes and I cannot go on campus since I would be crossing a picket-line (something that I am not willing to do; too many people have suffered for other's right to protest their working conditions no matter how petty they may seem to me).

I read in the online news papers that Bush has backed a consitutional amendment to protect marrige from homosexuals. It seems that the right in American are getting desperate to hold on to the inequities of yesterday that suit them today. There is another reason why I may not really want to go back home. If they do pass that thing (and it does not look like they would since the Senate support for it is falling apart), I would probably immigrant either to Ireland or the UK depending on how things go. I do not want to live in a country that spews rhetoric about freedom around the world then opresses its own people.

Anyway, so it goes. I have to get started on my 6000 word paper soon. I would very much dislike it if I had to write it a week before it is due. I also want to share with you some of the texts I have been translating in my Early Irish Texts class. This section is from Liadain and Cuirithir, which is a "romance" in Early Irish:

Do-gníther ón cuirm dí-si le Cuirithir

An ale-feast was made for her (Liadain) by Cuirithir

'Cid ná dénaim-ni óentaid, a Líadain', ol Cuirithir

'Why are we not united, oh Liadain?', says Cuirithir

'Ropud án ar mac ar n-dís.'

'Our son would be splendid from us two.'

Basically, he takes her to a pub and says "let's shag!" Now I might be a bit slow but that is not exactly what I do when I go to the pub. Anyway, I have stuff to do.

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