Sunday, February 29, 2004

There have been a few things that I have wanted to write about for some time. Now that I sick and cranky, I think that I am in the best mood to cover them. First of all, NEDS. It is an acronym for Non-Educated delinquents. They have a personal style (white track suits and shaved heads). They are at the same time a source of great humor and great worry. In a way, they are much like America's gangs except more laughable in their want to be seriousness. They tend to run in packs and really only beat each other up and cause random acts of vandalism. They seem to get the most pleasure out of busting car windows and scaring tourists. They also live mostly in Glasgow. I have yet to meet any "neds" but they tend to be the butt of many jokes among educated people.

The next thing I want to discuss is living next to the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. I have a hall window between my room and the kitchen which overlooks Mylnes Court and looks up to the Camera Obscura. Now they let people up there and they can walk around outside next to it. Now, this would be fine except every morning when I get up to have a cup of tea to get going there are people out there. Not only that but they have telescopes that they can look out on to the city and of course directly into my hall window. This is most annoying when I just really want to get a cup of tea and there are tourists waving at you in your PJ's. Just think about how I have to go through that every day. I was thinking that I should give them a really good show one day but I am not exactly what you would call an exhibitionist.

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