Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well, I am now at the 2000 word point with my paper. I have turned it over to a friend for comments. I usually want to give myself about 500 words so that I have enough room to add stuff. You do not want to go too far over the limit or they get really angry. Anyway, there is supposed to be a strike on campus of the teachers and tutors (read overworked underpaid grad students) next Thursday and Friday. I do not want to cross the picket-line but at the same time I do not think this is going to effect my department since we do not have any teachers or tutors. It is kind of a moral quandary.

Planning for the Highland Annual goes apace. I was roped into handing out flyers today. I discovered that I really suck at getting people to take the flyers. Also, there always seems to be someone handing out flyers so you get really used to ignoring them. I am not exactly used to being completely ignored. Anyway, we will be back at it again tomorrow. They are going to target the Ruby match here on Friday. All the pubs have been advertising it for weeks.

Anyway, I have Latin and Old Irish to do tomorrow.

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