Monday, February 16, 2004

Well, I got up this morning and went to the library to do some reading. I then came home and did some Old Irish so I am caught up there. I am now thinking about writing my 2500 word paper. I want to get a draft done by the end of the week. Preferably by Friday. Then I will do a second draft by next Wednesday and then give that draft to my supervisors for review and then do a couple of more drafts before I turn it in. I also want to start writing my 6000 word essay next week sometime so I have at least two months of writing/reading/revision before I turn it in.

Otherwise, things have been going alright. The Highland annual is coming this weekend. I need to have that draft written before then. Most of the Scottish Studies and Celtic departments will be there. One of them said, "Oh my. Sunday is going to be a harsh day." It seems to be a tradition that most of the faculty arrive and get splendidly drunk. I will try to tell you all about what happens. I am on the committee so I will probably be directing one thing or another. I will try to steal away so that I can see what is going on.

Oh I would like to thank Mike for the calendar and the book. I hope he gets on the email soon. I should give him a call because he obviously has forgotten how to use email. Anyway, not much else going on. I hope my plan has some coherent points so that I do not end up freaking out at the last second.

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