Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well, I just got home from the highland annual. It seems to have been a success. I think we got enough people to pay off the musicians. Anyway, the more the night wore on. The less I liked it. I am not exactly a people person. I was roped into selling raffle tickets but I suck at that and it makes me frustrated which ruined the rest of the night for me. Also, the people in the stalls wanted me to help them pack up and the parliament people told me that Fiona told them that I would put their stuff in the Celtic Department. Anyway, that was a pain in the ass, which I will not go into.

Otherwise, this day was a waste. I wanted to get more work done but it stubbornly refused to be done. Every time I tried to get to it something else would come up. Anyway, I want to get some sleep.

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