Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well, I was able to cut early from Old Irish today. I was like "yeaaaa! I don't have five hours of classes today!" and my instructor was like "more like four and a half". I will take all that I can get on this day. There is only so much "this is final vowel schwa" (the meaning of which still escapes me) that I can take. Let's just say that Old Irish has this problem with confusing ui and oi diphthongs and sometimes leaving off a final vowel so it makes it really difficult to know exactly what person and number a verb is.

I then went to the postgrad writing group where we talked about our next 2500 word paper which is due on the 12th of March. I have a month to write a paper that I have yet to do any research for. This is how you spell fun in graduate school P-A-I-N. It is supposed to be a theory and methodology paper so we will see how it goes.

A little anecdote for you all today. Scottish milk is not like American milk at all. In fact, Scottish milk never goes bad. It turns into a sweet yogurt, which makes for an interesting afternoon snack.

here is an anecdote that is a bit more scary. Let me set the scene for you a bit before I copy and paste this. My friend lives in Patrick Geddes Hall, which is down the steps of my close and around the corner next to New College. The windows to her flat are directly on the sidewalk to Ramsay Lane and have a great view of Princes Street and Princes Garden and Bono (yes that Bono of U2) lives next door. Now many many people walk in front of her windows everyday coming and going from the castle but they are mostly harmless. However for this incident that happened last night (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

This has not been a very good night. About an hour a go an extremely drunk man knocked on my roommate's window and taunted her for several minutes and then jimmied open our Kitchen window and proceeded to put his leg into the kitchen. He couldn't get in of course because of the bars and he didn't try to force my roommate's locked window. She ran into my room I sent her to a next door neighbor's and then upstairs to another apartment for re-enforcements, and I called the security at Pollock Halls and they sent Uni Security over in force. Meanwhile, I am talking to this guy saying that he should really leave. He is just hanging there in the kitchen window (leg fully in and body outside) and saying he wants to come in, has to come in. I finally managed to push his leg out and I closed the window and locked it, but he was still banging on the window. He was not particularly scary once I got his leg out of the kitchen. I wanted him to skiddatle but, on the other hand, if I could keep him talking maybe the security would get here and nab him and get him out of here. Well, I got him to tell me his name and that he was an under-grad living in Pollack Halls. He was so drunk that he could barely see a foot in front of him. A stupid drunken 19 year old uni student. About three minutes before the security team arrived he took off up Ramsay Lane. I am waiting now for the Edinburgh Police to arrive. They said that it might be an hour because the perp is gone and it wasn't an emergency.

She did not get to bed until 4:30 am that morning. Needless to say she is not a happy camper at Patrick Geddes campground today. Anyway, I should get going to bed.

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