Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Well, today was hell day. I could not get the projector to work with my laptop. It has a port on the back to hook up to another monitor and the adapter fit fine for it but no way was it going to let me do it. I would think that they would just keep it always on so that you can just hook another monitor up but they have this complicated procedure to get it to work. I am going to talk to the media guy to see if we can get it to work tomorrow.

I did pretty well in my classes. We did not get as far as I thought in Old Irish and I had some trouble in Medieval Latin (Isidore of Seville can be a pain in the ass). I then came home to work on my presentation again. I added one more slide and I went through it again. I have this problem of assuming my audience knows exactly what I am talking about and ending up short of the time limit. I need to learn how to blab.

I have a long day tomorrow. I have class at 11 am and then the meeting with the media guy and then I have an An Comann Ceiltech meeting and then a international students meeting. So that said I will get to bed.

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