Saturday, March 27, 2004

Again, I am sorry that I have not written lately. I had a minor crisis that took several days to smooth out. It is not done yet but things are looking good at this point.

Anyway, a friend of mine had some of her friends from the US over for a day. They were in Italy for a few days and grabbed a flight up here to see her. The Scottish Studies Librarian had us over for dinner. I discovered that haggis and I do not get along. I had it on Burn's night and felt kind of sick but tonight it was even worse and I had bad gas. I ended up sitting in a corner of their living room away from other people. Honest, I wanted to like haggis. Heck, it even tastes good but my stomach is just not going to take it. So there goes a large piece of Scottishness out the window.

We all had a great time as usual. They like singing Scottish folk songs and other "old fashioned" kinds of entertainment after dinner. It was quite fun really. They sang songs and we compared folk songs. Many American folk songs are just Scottish ones with slightly different tunes or words. We also listened to their vinyl record collection which was a blast from the past. I was thinking that if I take my laptop over there I could record them onto CD for them so that they can put them away and not use them.

They then sang all the way home in the car. The librarian was nice enough to give us a ride home. We took the bus out and it went a different way than we comfortable so the bus driver and a passenger were nice enough to help us out to find our stop. It was a fun night as always when we go over there.

On the work front, I am translating some phrases because the translations that I have are confusing to the argument that I am trying to make. You will know once you get a copy of it. That will probably add another 250 to 500 words. I then have to search around for the next 500-750. Also, I sent it in to my supervisors on Thursday and added a long email about parts of it that I was confused on and other things that have been going on academically over the spring break.

Anyway, I have some more work to do so I will leave it at that.

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