Saturday, March 20, 2004

Again, yesterday I was highly unmotivated. I turned in my Theory and Methodology paper then went to lunch to celebrate with a friend of mine. We then decided that we should go down to the Forth since I had yet to see it up close with my own two eyes. So we went down Leith walk (Leith about 200 years ago was its own port city on the water) to Ocean Terminal a shopping center directly on the water. Leith has a reputation for being the "rough" side of town and in the past it was but the city council put in a substantial amount of money to rebuild and "re-brand" Leith. It is quite a mix of different socio-economic classes, which for the most part live well together. Anyway, we had a coffee at starbucks and they had a seating area next to the windows to look out onto the water. Perthshire is right across the Firth and it was looking rural as usual. In fact, it is quite interesting that once you get outside of the Glasgow-Edinburgh area, it turns rural in a hurry. Much like once you get out side the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia metroplex.

Anyway, I am going to work this afternoon once I clean up my room so that it does not distract me with its messiness.

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