Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So sick. I will keep these short and to the point. I finally went to the doctor's today. I do not know if I had talked about my last experience with NHS but I will record it here. They have what is called "surgery hours", which is a time when you can just drop in without an appointment. They have them twice a day. You take a slip and fill it out and give it to the nurse. They get a doctor for you while you wait. Normally, you have to queue for a while to get to this point then wait a while more to get the doctor. Now the amazing thing is that you generally see a doctor about twenty minutes after dropping the slip off, which would be a world record for an American doctor's office, which is not an emergency room. You get to see a real doctor from the beginning. Not a nurse, they come later if at all. You describe your problem and they take the appropriate action. In this case, he looked down my throat to see if it was inflamed. It was as it hurts like hell to swallow. It took me more than an hour to eat a sandwich this evening for dinner. He said I had viral influenza which is running rampant in Edinburgh right now. He also said that it may end in a bad cough before it is done and to continue taking aspirin.

What does this all boil down to? NHS works. Period. I have seen them twice and only had a great experience both times. Professional, exact, and efficient. America should really think about this. Now I go to crash and burn.

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