Friday, March 19, 2004

Well, yesterday was a waste. I was highly unmotivated. I just could not concentrate on my paper so I slothed around all day doing nothing. Today I had to turn in my theory and methodology paper, which will hit your inboxes pretty soon once I hook my laptop back up to the network so look for that. Otherwise, I am going to work on my 6000 word essay again. I am going to add a section but I am kind of stuck as to what to write. I will need to overcome that writer's block soon because my paper is due on the 16th of April and I told my supervisors that they would see a draft of it next week.

It did something I have not see before. It was snowing this morning. In fact, it is still snowing now. This is not exactly something you see in Seattle everyday. It is not sticking to anything but it is definitely snowing. Of course, with that it is quite cold out and the wind is blowing off the Forth pretty hard. Most of the major streets from where I live all go down to Leith, which is on the water and the wind is tunneled right up my close's steps. This can make it very hard to open the door in the morning at the bottom of the steps. It also causes a really odd noise as the wind blows up the spiral staircase.

Anyway, not much else is going on. I am going to go out to lunch to celebrate getting something done.

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