Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yes, I am weak. I gave into my urge to watch television. I know you are all ashamed of me. I just could not help it. It was calling me like the sirens to Ulysses. I could do nothing but dash myself upon its uninteractive interface. Anyway, my friend and I went down stairs to watch television for the first time in nearly six months. There are a couple of differences here then back home. First, it that there is only four channels, which makes channel surfing a non-starter. We get BBC One, two, three, and Scottish TV. We watched some really dumb cop drama. Then we watched the evening news. The second thing is that the commercials here are just that much wittier than those at home. They seem like they put more effort into them and try to make them memorable with funny tag lines or actions rather than the bland sameness that is American commercials.

One of my supervisors wants to have lunch with me and another of his supervisees on Friday. I will let you know how it turns out. It was rather out of the blue but again I do not want to think that this is a bad idea. Everyone has been to the four winds because of Easter break, which is a month long here, that it is good to touch base with my supervisors from time to time.

Anyway, things go apace. I am now only 400 words off my 6000 word paper. The next bit is cleaning up the text and putting in the footnotes. I have many quotes from source material in this essay and it bothers me some but then again I do not want the reader vertigo that my last paper elicited. Anyway, you should see it soon enough.

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