Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I was at the bookstore today when I ran across the coolest book ever. It is called "An Introduction to Elvish" by Jim Allan and its ISBN number is 0905220102. It is put out by the The Mythopoeic Society. It also has a great article called "Elvish Loanwords in Indo-European: Cultural Implications", which is a riot if you know anything about linguistics and academic discourse. It also has a great disclaimer at the beginning of an article near the end of the book, "Naytheless [sic], of the accuracy of the basic tenets I have no doubt; the other material is included to confuse the issue."

Anyway, I would not get it unless you are a hardcore linguist or someone forced to be one (like me). It reads like the Grammar of Old Irish for most of it.

One more update. I found the web site for these crazy guys. Join them at the University of Stockholm for their first conference.

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