Saturday, April 10, 2004

Not much is going on right now. I was walking with a friend down Nicholson street when she pointed out an interesting thing to me. If you have two little old ladies, they seem to take up the entire sidewalk. Well, being that Scotland has the oldest population in Europe, we quickly got a chance to test this theory. It seems that they weave back and forth while they walk arm in arm down the sidewalk. Whenever you try to pass them, they start to weave in your direction so that you have to quickly change directions before hitting them. Now this can happen two or three times while walking down the street and it gets really annoying.

Ah yes, Easter weekend. Here it is a four day weekend much like memorial day is in the US and it also marks the beginning of the tourist season here in Edinburgh. The high street was packed with people going from the palace to the castle and every point inbetween. It only gets worse from here. The tours have started up again and they are singing and talking and clapping right out side my window (both bedroom and kitchen). It makes for a pain in the ass.

Well, that is all from the scholarly front lines.

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