Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well, I am basically finished with my paper. I was even ahead of schedule a bit so I am going to sit on it until tomorrow morning. After that I am going to find a nice place to spend the afternoon. I am going to on a week's vacation once I am done so I told my supervisors about it and they thought it was a good idea. So I am thinking of returning to Oban for a while. Who am I to argue with a mass of Victorians (they used Oban as a health spa)?

Anyway I was down at the Sainsbury's on Rose Street when I saw the strangest thing out of the corner of my eye. You see in the UK grocery stores can sell insurance. Yep, you read that correctly, insurance. Anyway, I was passing the insurance counter as I was walking out the door when I noticed that they sold Pet Insurance. This was just farcical. Pet Insurance?? What the heck are these people thinking? I know they love their pets but honestly. Pet insurance?

My penny pinching ways are paying off. I am not even close to halfway through my budget for this year and I only have about four months to go. That is a good sign. I am looking into some investment accounts here since I got my tax return but my bank sucks for options. I am looking at other banks to see what they have available. The financial institutions here are a bit of a mess to figure out but I am sure that I will be fine. My main fear is that since I am a foreign student that they will not open an account for me.

Anyway, I am off. I will update you on what I am doing while I am gone.

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