Sunday, April 04, 2004

Well, yesterday was interesting. We had a former Scottish Studies secretary over with her partner and the current Scottish Studies Librarian with her husband and two daughters, who has hosted us at her place a few times before. We had a dinner of Scotch Broth and some rhubarb pie and apple crisp. We then played Trivial Pursuit. I did not do as well as I usually do. However, we had a great time as usual. I am going over to the Scottish Studies Librarian's house again next weekend for Easter. She has really treated us all very well.

Other than that I have been working on my Ph. D. proposal. I had to abandon my first proposal because it was too ambiguous and another scholar was preparing to do it as well. I would rather not get into the path of that particular train. So I had to retool it so that it said that we were going to choose a text at a later date.

Otherwise, I am working on my paper which is now over the 6000 word limit so that I can now pair some of it out. I need to add footnotes and clean it up a bit and it should be ready by the 16th of April.

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