Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I got my major paper back today. I got a 65/100 (now remember 70 is an A here; 65 is an A-/B+ (take your pick)). They are pleased with my progress. I have seen so many 65's that I am getting frustrated with that number. I want to get something above a 65. At least that way, it will not look like a barrier to me. Anyway, I had a meeting with my supervisors about my outline for my dissertation. They gave some really good feed back and I feel that now I can move forward with it. I will probably start writing it soon with stuff from my previous essays. I still have to do some research on the European side of things.

Otherwise, the weather has been a bit variable lately. This morning was sunny and warm. Then it poured for about an hour before returning to the sunny and warm. It makes it hard to choose what to wear so you see people in skimpy clothing getting soaked. Not much else going on right now. I was given two free invites to Google's new mail system Gmail. I gave one of them away but it seems that I can sell the other on Ebay. I will not do that but I am still trying to figure out whom to give it to.

Anyway, back to studying.

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