Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well, I typed in a post yesterday but the system ate it so I waited another day to say anything at all. In any case, I am still finding it difficult to get going. The law library is packed so it is difficult to work there and they have the only good copies of the books, which I need for my research. So I am going to wait until tonight to go back (they are open until 10). It is not a lack of interest. It just a lack of motivation. It seems that writing a Chess program in Perl is just more interesting than early Irish law. I am going to have to redouble my efforts to get going. I guess this is the hangover from working so hard at the beginning of the year.

Other than that. Not much is going on right now. Trying to use the library and get things done is probably where most of my energy is going right now.

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