Saturday, May 01, 2004

Well, not much has been happening since school got back into session. They have a strange structure here. I figured that there would be more classes as usual but that is not what happens. The thrid term is for "studying" for exams and writing end of term papers. So the first two terms are full of classes but the third is not. Well, it is for the first and second year students. The "honor" students (what we would call Juinor and Seniors in the States) just study for their exams. So it is slower than what I expected. I also have been having trouble getting back into the swing of things since I returned from vacation. I hopefully can get everything going next week. I have to look at the Ancient Laws of Ireland and the only complete copy (it is six volumes) is in the law library and I cannot check them out. I wonder just how many people actually need to look at it. There is a copy in the Celtic Library but there are volumes missing and the whole thing is old and tatered. The law library version is shiny and new. So I get to sit there and see all the busy important people. Well, at least they act like they are important.

Oh by the way, I wrote a short article on PerlMonks.org about Ancient Philosophy and Programming Languages, which is a subject that I had been thinking about for quite sometime. Give it a once over if you would like, I think I might turn it into a book someday. I think it would make interesting reading for both philosophers and programmers. Otherwise, I hope you all had a happen Beltine.

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