Saturday, May 15, 2004

Well, yesterday I went bowling for the first time in years. A friend's kids are over and so the Scottish Studies Librarian took us and her family out bowling. We had a good time. Although, I begin to wonder how young they start smoking here. There were some teenage girls in the lane next to us being annoying and they were all smoking. It seems that the "smoking is bad" thing has not caught on here even though they have "SMOKING KILLS" on all of their packs.

We then went all the way out to some place I have never been just to get traditional fish and chips. We even had the traditional drunken guy to compliment it all. There was another one outside who was trying to walk past. Mostly it was fits of movement followed by holding on to the wall or car next to him. He nearly ran my friend over. I do not think he even saw her.

When we finally got our meal (there were 5 meals in all), we left everyone outside while I sat in the car. They do not give you forks. They give you little wooden things that are split like a fork but there is only one split. They are actually really effective. I was amazed that I could actually eat with them.

Once we got home we watched the funniest show ever. It is called Still Game. It is about two old guys who live in Glasgow. It was hilarious with the exception that there was so much profanity and it had a pickled penis that it will never ever be on US TV. I have found that I have heard more swearing on the BBC (and I mean on BBC 1, which is the mother channel to all others) than I ever heard on US TV. When I mean swearing, I mean like a longshoreman.

Today, I went back over there to watch a movie with other post-graduates. It was a strange Chinese movie called Life on a String. It was long and completely incomprehensible. Honestly, you would have to see the movie for yourself to even grasp the kind of confusion that myself and my fellow post-grads had to endure. So now I am home. I am off to Iona tomorrow so I will not have a blog until Thursday or Friday next week.

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