Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Everything is set for my Kilkenny trip. I have a bit of a rant about the European banking system. At first, I had a very hard time even getting an account at the Royal Bank of Scotland. It took them three weeks to get my account set up. Then came this trip to Ireland. I discovered that Irish banks will not accept checks that originate in banks outside of Ireland. Now, does this not sounds like an oxymoron since you have one currency? Is that not the point? Also, there is no way to get money from a bank in the UK to a bank in Ireland. I tried to explain to them what a money order was. They did not understand me and tried to give me traveler's checks. Someone in Scottish Studies told me that the post office would do it. So I went there and got postal orders then sent them to Ireland thinking that since the UK was probably one of Ireland's largest trading partners, they would accept them. Nope. Not even. There is no easy way to get money around Europe. Period. Nope. Nada. I asked the bank and they don't even know. So why are they pushing one currency for Europe when you cannot even get 100 pounds from the UK to Ireland and the Irish will not accept checks from outside of Ireland? It is like trying to get money from WA to ID where the banks in ID will not accept checks from a bank outside of ID. Not only that but none of them speak the same finanical language. Not to mention the same language period.

Otherwise, everything is set for me to go. I am going to Dublin for a night with a friend. She is going to stay in Dublin and look around while I make my way down to Kilkenny. I will be there for three days then go back to Dublin for one more night then I am back in Edinburgh. I hope that I have a good time while I am there.

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