Monday, June 14, 2004

My writing grove is just off and I am not sure how I am going to get it back. I have completely re-written my first paper. I did that in under six days of 500 words a day writing. Now I am looking at my newer paper and I am just stumped. I have broken it up into headers with provisional titles then added a new introduction section. I now need to incorporate the changes my supervisors asked me to make. I just cannot get myself to look at them again. I know my supervisors are trying to do their jobs with the feedback.

Anyway, the days here are getting warmer and warmer. I wonder if it is going to cool off. When I first came here, I figured that it was going to be cold and colder so I packed appropriately with that in mind. Now it is nearly 70 degrees and I am roasting most of the time. Since I am on the 7th floor (6th American), all the heat from the flats lower down than mine heat my room like nothing else. I am now have the window open 24 hours a day. Although, I love the view into James Court. I hate the tour groups with their loud guides and their stupid antics. While I am all for Scotland having an economy, could they please find an industry? To me, tourism is not an industry. They sell the Tartan and the Saltire and that is about it. It is rather sickening honestly. It would be like selling the space needle and having tours through the Microsoft campus extolling where once the greatest company in the world used to make software or the same in the Boeing factory in Everett. Tourism just presses my buttons, I guess.

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